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Simple Living has been a motto for my husband and I since we were dating. In many ways, it sums up a foundational principle we want to live by: valuing all that we have so that we can enjoy all that we have.

There’s so much to enjoy in life: family, friends, good conversations, reading, travel, entrepreneurial ventures, higher education, art with the kids, dinner dates. The problem is that few of us get to enjoy these things fully.

Why? We spend our days running around chasing unimportant details like trying to figure out where to put that special decorative vase we have never used . . . and probably never will.

Living in today’s world, I think there are few who can escape stuff addiction. We’re surrounded by stuff everywhere. Walk into your local department store, and there is, literally, floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall stuff! It’s hard to say no to all the new so we pack our houses with things and never seem to know where our storage space and time have gone!

I’ve never been a hoarder so there’s no inspirational story here. I can say, though, that I am a recovering stuff addict. I used to keep things I just might need someday. I’d pack things away in my closest and drawers. The day I used the saved item rarely came around because I either forgot about it or couldn’t find it when I needed it. Can you identify?

We have so many choices in front of us today that it’s easy to get lost, loose purpose, and expend energy in the wrong direction. Living Simply  is all about doing away with the things, commitments, and habits that distract us so we can live fully for Christ in our daily callings.

The purpose of the blog is to chronicle our journey away from stuff and toward freedom by Living Simply and doing it Together. We’re newlyweds with big dreams, and we don’t want distractions getting in the way. With that goal in mind, we actively get rid of what we don’t find useful, beautiful, or truly important to make those dreams happen.

Living Simply Together is about slowing down the going, doing, and buying and increasing intentional living.

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